The Etheric Touch is a spiritual devleopment program assisting students to transfom their lives. It will assist you to build your self esteem. We take the spookism out of the spirit realm and teach you how to connect with loved ones who has transitioned (passed away). You will be able to transform your weakness into strengths by acknowledging your shadows. And you will walk in the full empowerment of who you are and capable of acheiving your life's purpose.

Students of the Etheric Touch can not deny their spiritual growth. When you complete this course, you will be confident of your abilities to navigate various aspects of life and find your purpose and destiny.

I’ve been in the Conscious/Spiritual community for years accumulating “head knowledge” and information. All of that changed when I took the Etheric Touch classes! I learned to how to take care of myself FIRST. I learned how to become reacquainted with myself and my benevolent ancestors. I learned practical ways to use indigenous healing methods and I know my life’s purpose. I have become more gentle and compassionate with myself and others as well!

- Ahati Iheyinwa

Soul Care

Soul Care is the beginning of the program. It discusses the first stages of your spiritual development. During this course you will learn about self realization, chakras and meditataion, sound harmonics and qigong.

Ancestral Reverance

Ancestral Reverance is an exploration on the ancestors and the spiritual realm. In this level of the course, you will learn who your ancestors are, how to set up sacred space for your ancestors, how to understand the language of the gods, and how to receive answers from your ancestors through simple divination.

Shadow work & Illumination

Shadow work and illumination is the last level of the Etheric Touch. Here you will get an introduction to shadow work. You will begin to work with those attributes you consider weakness. You will learn to be empowered to walk in the fullness of your light, empowered.

Peace, We are Osuntola & Conjure!

We are twin flames here to assist with the elevation and evolution of the spiritual growth of the Africans of the Diaspora. For the last 15 years, we have assisted numerous people to develop a practial routine for their spiritual lifestyle. With the techniques offered through the Etheric Touch, you will gain a foundation to be accountable for your own spiritual development and begin your sacred healing journey.